Discharge dyeing, shibori technique | 2004-2019

Finally I used the Japanese shibori technique, which consists of manipulating the fabric to create resists before dyeing or discharging it. I chose dark fabrics, in black or indigo. After the discharge process I added embroidery to accentuate the effects obtained.

Les Fascines by Anne Woringer

Les Fascines2004 • Black cotton, discharge-dyed, itagime shibori • 125 x 150 cm, a triptych

Les Algues Bleues by Anne Woringer

Les Algues Bleues2004 • Indigo Chinese ramie, discharge-dyed and embroidered • 97 x 142 cm
International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collection, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Abysses by Anne Woringer

Abysses2009 • Indigo cotton worked in nui shibori and hand embroidered • 123 x 145 cm

Le Labyrinthe des Signes by Anne Woringer

Le Labyrinthe des Signes2006 • Black linen, discharge-dyed and embroidered • 100 x 100 cm
International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collection, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hurlevent by Anne Woringer

Hurlevent2006 • Black cotton voile discharge-dyed, arashi shibori, and hand embroidered
145 x 145 cm
Selected for Quilt National 2007

Crop Circles II by Anne Woringer

Crop Circles II2007 • Black linen, discharge-dyed and hand embroidered • 155 x 158 cm

Double Traversée du Désert by Anne Woringer

Double Traversée du Désert2007 • Thai hemp • 182 x 182 cm

Envol by Anne Woringer

Envol2007 • Linen and hemp in indigo • 150 cm in diameter

Farniente by Anne Woringer

Farniente2008 • Discharge-dyed indigo, hand embroidered • 136 x 36 cm each

Ciel de Traîne by Anne Woringer

Ciel de Traîne2010 • Chinese indigo, discharge-dyed and embroidered • 80 x 160 cm
Selected for Quilt National 2011

Fleur de Corail by Anne Woringer

Fleur de Corail2010 • African indigo, ligatured, discharge-dyed and embroidered • 101 x 175 cm

Whirlwind by Anne Woringer

Whirlwind2007 • Black linen, discharge-dyed, arashi shibori • 115 x 115 cm

Rythmes Barbares by Anne Woringer

Rythmes Barbares2011 • Black cotton discharge-dyed, nui shibori, and hand embroidered
120 x 100 cm

Le Labyrinthe Baroque by Anne Woringer

Le Labyrinthe Baroque2011 • Black cotton discharge-dyed, nui shibori and hand embroidered
91 x 91 cm

Les récifs blancs d'Anne Woringer

Les récifs blancs2012 • Black cotton satin discharge-dyed, pochoir, hand embroidered • 93 x 100 cm

Petits dragons d'Anne Woringer

Petits dragons2013 • Black cotton discharge-dyed, pochoir, hand embroidered • 78 x 78 cm

Migration d'Anne Woringer

Migration2014 • Black cotton satin discharge-dyed, itagime shibori, hand embroidered • 150 x 150 cm

Sarabande d'Anne Woringer

Sarabande2014 • Discharge-dyed indigo cotton, nui-shibori, hand embroidered • 87 x 104 cm

Entrechats d'Anne Woringer

Entrechats2014 • Discharge-dyed indigo cotton, pochoir, hand embroidered • 120 x 96 cm

La houle bleue d'Anne Woringer

La houle bleue2015 • Discharge-dyed indigo cotton, itagime shibori, hand embroidered • 106 x 108 cm

Aïzome d'Anne Woringer

Aïzome2016 • Discharge-dyed indigo cotton, itagime shibori, hand embroidered • 130 x 75 cm
Grand prix européen du Carrefour européen du patchwork - septembre 2016

Le chaos apprivoisé d'Anne Woringer

Le chaos apprivoisé2016 • Black cotton satin discharge-dyed, arashi shibori, embroideries and applications • 90 x 95 cm

Surprenant Indigo d'Anne Woringer

Surprenant Indigo2018 • Band of african indigo cotton, katazome discharge-dyed (pochoir), hand embroidered • 98 x 87 cm

Dentelles II d'Anne Woringer

Dentelles II2018 • Japanese indigo cotton, itagime shibori discharge-dyed, hand embroidered • 72 x 62 cm

Sans titre d'Anne Woringer

Sans titre2019 • Chinese indigo cotton, katazome discharge-dyed, hand embroidered • 68 x 72 cm

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